❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ While I’m flattered by your interest, John, I consider myself married to my fandom.

♥ I Blog About ♥
* Benedict Cumberbatch
* Sherlock Holmes
* Hannibal
* Tolkien
* Cabin Pressure.

With occasional forays into Community, Arrested Development, The Daily Show/The Colbert Report and Star Trek.

* Sherlock/John
* Thorin/Bilbo
* Martin Crieff/Happiness.

Secondary Blog

I also run a secondary tumblr @lowkeyaffair for Tom Hiddleston and The Marvel Universe.


Radio pilot with James Rhodes and Benedict. I think fans will enjoy listening to it. Thanks to Pascha.

The Frankenstein questions about him being naked on stage: “Do you ever get excited?”

Oh dear. And then at the end: “You’re blushing, that’s adorable.”

My kingdom for a picture or video of Benedict blushing. 

AND ADFL:KJ:LDSKFJLKDS all the talk about the arts, classical music and making it more accessible to the people. ADLKFJ:LSDKJF:LKDS. I will never understand why people accuse him of being elitist or snobby. Perfect man.

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