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Body’s so freakin’ soft
I can’t wait to turn you on
You got me like la la la la la baby

Is how you make me feel baby
I can feel your body flowers
While I’m kissing on your thighs
You got me like la la la la baby

Anticipations so crazy

I’ll be good to you, promise.
While making love to you, promise!
Go to sleep, and when we wake up,
I’ma hit that thing again

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"The thrill of the chase, the blood pumping through your veins. Just the two of us against the rest of the world."

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gif belongs to x

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I have created a Martin Crieff supercut of his “But I’M the captain” moments. It is simultaneously really hilarious and really sad. But I’m still laughing. I hope you all are laughing and crying with me. At any rate, this was pretty fun to make :D 

(Just a note - doesn’t include all the times he merely introduces himself as the captain, just when he has to say it with a certain amount of insistence. Otherwise it would’ve ended up as long as an actual full-length episode.)

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a compilation of Richard Armitage telling you to go to bed

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i’m out of control

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( i don’t know if someone posted something like this before, but since i’ve been asked about those novels - here they are. enjoy :)

Georgette Heyer’s novels read by Richard Armitage :

The Convenient Marriage (x)

Venetia (x)

Sylvester (part 1, part 2)

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Cabin Pressure - Series 4 Episode 2 Preview

Arthur fails to impress Douglas with his idea of bar talk.

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This is a Benedict Cumberbatch accent appreciation post. Featuring:

  1. Irish accent from Uskerty
  2. American accent from the Sherlock Holmes Railway Stories Audiobook
  3. French accent from Qikiqtarjuaq

Cabin Pressure - Uskerty

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Cabin Pressure S4E1 clip no. 2 (This time with Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephanie Cole)


The Hobbit - Misty Mountains Orchestral Cover

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