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I don’t talk about my love life for a very good reason, and that reason is, I don’t have one. Which is good news for the ladies, I suppose. I am still available.

Martin Freeman’s most iconic roles

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uhoh time for another stupid crossover

i rewatched the office recently and oh god tim i just want to hold you and buy you shoes


ps reminder that requests are NOT open; i’m still filling some old ones but they’re so buried i’m not even looking for them to quote anymore; i’ll probably reopen once i get some stuff done, but for the time being, please don’t send me new requests, unless they are somehow urgent lol. thank you @w@;;


sherlock holmes meets tim canterbury, hilarity and poor sleuthing ensues.
absolutely nothing gets solved.

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and here we have a series of shots of Martin laughing and fucking up the scene. from the office bloopers. ps: it took over 25 takes to make this scene.

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